I was recently asked a question at a conference about why there is so much noise on Millennials, social media and the church today.

The answer is simple.

The lifeblood of continuity is in creating systems that can be scaled up, measured for efficacy and responsively reproduced to ensure flourishing. Likewise, in the words of Pastor Sam Adeyemi, “any society or institution that does not actively invest in making its younger generation as capable as it is will be deprived of the future.”

Thus, any ministry that is serious about growing and developing the next generation should be actively participating in the lives of its millennials and this encompasses the use of social media.

Quite frankly, we are the “always-pressing-phone” generation. According to the Global Web Index’s research in 2018, the average millennial spent 2 hours and 39 minutes a day; communicating via social media platforms.

How amazing would it be if your ministry could also engage young people online every single day?

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